Islington Doctors ‘lunch and learn’ at Tatami Health

In recent weeks we’ve begun hosting ‘lunch and learn’ sessions at Tatami Health for Islington GPs and clinical staff, the aim being to provide a venue for the local medical fraternity to bring themselves up to speed with the current trends and treatments in various fields of medicine.

It’s vital that GPs are aware of what not to miss and when to send their patients on for specialist assessment and treatment when needed. To ensure this we’ve invited leading NHS consultants and surgeons to speak on their area of expertise.

So far we’ve heard about the link between Sleep Apnoea and Obesity with Dr Himender Makker, Consultant Physician in Respiratory Medicine. We’ve discovered the role of careful diagnosis, and subsequent treatment options, for sufferers of Pelvic Pain with Dr Khaled Ayazi, Consultant in Pain medicine, and most recently we’ve gained an insight (no pun intended!) into all things the Retina, with Dr Riaz Asaria, Consultant Opthamologist.

It’s equally important that as physiotherapists we also have a breadth of knowledge spanning the medical spectrum, as being first contact practitioners, we are sometimes the first people to pick up on potential nasties that require medical attention.

If you’d like to know more about our sessions, or you’d like to recommend them to your GP, feel free to contact us for more details.

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