Volunteering in Sri Lanka

Hello and happy new year,

I’m leaving for warmer climes in 2 weeks. Some voluntary work allied with the chance to work on my (almost non existent) surfing skills is taking me to Sri Lanka.  The Indian ocean earthquake triggered a series of devastating tsunamis along the coasts of most landmasses bordering the Indian Ocean, killing over 230,000 people in fourteen countries. With waves up to 30 meters (98 ft) high it was one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history.


A month after the Tsunami  hit Sri Lanka a trust called Manacare endeavoured to pitch its work where no other NGO’s were making provision, that is Community development. Many voluntary organizations were building housing, but it was felt that the necessary infrastructure leading to a secure future for the victims of Tsunami needed to be put into place.

The  project in Tellwatta, which is 10 miles from the tourist town of Hikaduwa famous for its diving holidays, is going to provide a School, Medical Clinic, Therapy, Creche, Playground and Garden Area, Vocational Training.

I’m not to sure quite what i’m going to find when I get there but i’ve been assured there are several local sports teams very excited about the prospect of some hands on physiotherapy, which likely means cricket teams in this cricket mad part of the world. Also a part time physio who is looking forward to some teacher training ( maybe in pilates!!), as well as plenty of patients a large number of whom are children effected by the Tsunami.

I’ll let you know how I got on when I get back at the end of February. There is supposed to be some great surfing nearby so i’ll be able to blog on my most spectacular wipe outs on my return.


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