About Us

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Tatami Health evolved from a simple idea of providing the best possible physiotherapy and rehabilitation in the best possible environment.

That’s why our centre is like nothing else you will find in London.

What’s in a name?

Tatami means ‘layers’ in Japanese. Tatami mats are traditional, organic, woven grass mats used in Japanese styled rooms and these mats are now the foundation of our Pilates room.

Tatami flooring originally conveyed status and over time it was found to be beneficial for health and wellbeing and adopted by all.

For us, this conveys what we offer: A multi-layered approach to gain and maintain the best physical health and movement.

About our logo

Our logo represents the 4 and a half tatami mat layout of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony room. There are many forms of tea ceremony for many different occasions, as there is many different forms of physiotherapy for many different conditions.

For the ceremony to be as successful as it’s hoped, the host and the guest have to fulfill their roles and perform together. This commitment between our physiotherapists and you is fundamental to the success of all our services at Tatami Health.