Ellis Taylor

Rajasthan Royals Physio

Working with the Rajasthan Royals at Lords Cricket Ground

“I’ve been lucky to have some great experiences over the 13 years that I’ve been practicing as a physiotherapist.

I’ve had opportunities to work with some incredible people, from top level sports men and women in sports like Rowing, Cricket, Triathlon and even Bobsleigh, to working with lovely little old ladies with double hip replacements.

The amazing thing you recognise, is that all these people have goals.Vastly different they may seem, but they’ve all got goals that they are having a hard time achieving, and its getting them there that is the real beauty about my job as a physiotherapist.

I make sure that what you want to achieve is the driving force of my work with you.

It may be you just want to turn your head without pain in your neck, bend over without pain in your back, or even complete an Ironman triathlon. The important thing is that we work together to get there.

I do what I need to do with my hands. Whether its deep tissue massage and trigger point release or some strong joint mobilisations, then most importantly I teach you the exercises and stretches that you need to maintain these changes that I make with my hands. This is often where I’ll spend most time with you, really making sure you’re confident to look after yourself in the future.

I try to look after myself and achieve my own goals too. From a long sporting background mainly in Rowing, both as a competitor and coach, I know it takes time and patience to get things right. These days I’m taking on more of a solo challenge in Triathlons, but I’m still setting myself goals to achieve and getting help from the right people to help me get there.

If you think I can help you out, get in touch and I’ll do my best to get you to where you want to be!”

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