Eoin Smaill


I qualified back in 2013 from the University of East London with a first class Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy. Once qualified I worked for 3 years at Homerton Hospital in Hackney across a variety of clinical specialties. I also completed a BTEC Leve 5 qualification in Soft tissue and remedial massage therapy at the London School of Sports Massage in 2012


I thoroughly enjoyed working in Hackney as it is one of the most diverse boroughs in London and had the privilege of work with some amazing people, both medical staff and patients.


Clinically I have worked across a breadth of specialties such as stroke rehabilitation, orthopaedics, musckuloskeletal and elderly care. This experience of working with a wide variety of people, dealing with a huge range of clinical issue has taught me that no matter how someone presents they will always have a goal, everyone has some form of activity that they enjoy and each person will always have a motivation to achieve that goal.


When working with clients I tend to utilise both manual therapy and exercise therapy. I have found that in using these techniques together it allows clients to move more freely and with more confidence, thus allowing them to work harder on the rehabilitation exercises we develop together.


My own sporting interests are rugby, boxing and power lifting. Having played rugby since I was 4 years old believe me I have experience with a lot of the injuries my clients present with! I also tend to incorporate more strength and conditioning elements into my rehabilitation work to allow clients return to their chosen sport/activity. I also feel that the more I can empower clients to lead their own rehabilitation with exercise then the more motivated they are to continue progressing.