Lucy Dell

Lucy Dell Physiotherapist Pilates Instructor

“I qualified as a Physiotherapist with first class honors in 2004 at Kings College London. Since then I have gained vast experience of spinal and sports injury rehabilitation in clinics and hospitals in both the NHS and private sector.

I believe that educating clients and helping them understand the nature of their problems or injuries is one of the most important parts of treatment. Delivering a tailored recovery programme for each client is
also the key to a successful outcome. Depending on your needs we can utilise techniques such as soft tissue release, joint mobilisations, taping and acupuncture to reduce pain and improve movement.

I have a passion for Pilates and have been teaching for the past 8 years. I am a fully certified APPI Pilates Instructor and have led matwork, equipment and pregnancy based classes. I truly believe Pilates is the route to speedy recovery from injuries, improved health and overall wellbeing.

After travelling around India studying yoga, I saw that integrating certain aspects of yoga into my practice can help clients gain mobility and flexibility where needed and provide often well needed relaxation.

When not looking at people’s posture and teaching how to activate deep abdominal muscles, I enjoy travelling, learning the guitar and photography! I love working with people and trying to help improve their lives both physically and mentally and look forward to meeting you soon.”