Sam Farquharson

“I’ve been qualified 13 years and have completed my masters in physiotherapy. During this time I’ve been interested in different movement systems and starting with karate I’ve moved on to  body awareness/strengthening/meditative systems such as Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga. I’m a fully qualified Pilates teacher on both the mat and equipment and I teach other Physiotherapists how to use Pilates in workshops all around the world through an internationally renowned teacher training organisation. I enjoy training the trainers as it means I must continually question and refine my understanding of how Pilates should be used in a rehabilitation setting.

My treatment approach is to find the underlying restrictions to movement and the weaknesses which have led to the dysfunction developing. I then systematically releases the restrictions and implement strengthening programmes using the Pilates system to regain movement and stability through the injured area. This is reinforced with advice about supportive elements to recovery outside the clinic such as optimal set up of the workstation and working practices, and return to exercise.

My work experience ranges from working with a premiership football club, several west end shows,  a dance academy, international long jumpers as well as all kinds of amateur sports enthusiasts. My particular interest is working with more complex lower back and neck pain patients in order to help resolve long standing issues which have proven resistant to treatment in the past.”