Open Week: Monday 9th – Saturday 14th September

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We are delighted to invite you to come into our Open Week and try our new 30min lunchtime classes for free, or simply join in with one of our existing 60 mins classes.

We’re introducing a new 30min ‘No Sweat Stretch’ class to let those people who just want to unwind at lunchtime rather than do Pilates, but we’re also introducing a 30min Pilates class.

During the weekdays between 10am-4pm we are also offering you a chance to speak with one of our physios for a free 15 minute consultation. This is great if you’re not sure if your concern is something we can help you about, or even if you have a friend or family member that you might want to gather some information for. Make sure you book in with reception!



Up until the end of the week everyone who spends £50 or more will be in the running to win our favourite chair, the Human Scale Freedom Chair. We’ll be drawing out an invoice number randomly in the following week and the winner will be notified and directed to the Humanscale website where they can select the choice of fabric and colour. this chair retails for £740!!

HumanScale Freedom Chair

Our Sponsored triathlete Sam Baxter storms home in Ironman UK

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Sam Baxter recently gave the Ironman Triathlon world a shock when he finished first amateur athlete, ahead of many of the pros and just 10 seconds of a podium finish at the Ironman UK event in July.

For more details if his race look at this link IM UK AG winner: Sam Baxter – Tri247.

Fancy some swimming tips?

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We’ve been working regularly with triathlon coach Terry Collins and a number of his athletes including Carolyn Hewett and it’s a pleasure to share some of this swimming drills with you.

Can you spot one of our physios in action?

A word from Sam from Sri Lanka

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Hi everybody,


i’ll be back very soon from sri lanka where i’m working on a very fun and inspirational project provided by Manacare. A project set up to provide a community focus for the people rehoused post-Tsunami. A medical center, montessorie school, dance and drama center, two sustainable businesses and housing for some disabled kids and their families.


I worked with the volunteer physio on exercises for the kids but also helped paint the school and teach english on a course developed for the teenagers. Its great to think of these Sri Lankan kids with a north london accents! As for the surfing I promised some good wipe out shots, well you probably need to be able to get up onto the board before thats possible…..


Hope to see you all soon. My first day back will be the 28th February.

Volunteering in Sri Lanka

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Hello and happy new year,

I’m leaving for warmer climes in 2 weeks. Some voluntary work allied with the chance to work on my (almost non existent) surfing skills is taking me to Sri Lanka.  The Indian ocean earthquake triggered a series of devastating tsunamis along the coasts of most landmasses bordering the Indian Ocean, killing over 230,000 people in fourteen countries. With waves up to 30 meters (98 ft) high it was one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history.

A month after the Tsunami  hit Sri Lanka a trust called Manacare endeavoured to pitch its work where no other NGO’s were making provision, that is Community development. Many voluntary organizations were building housing, but it was felt that the necessary infrastructure leading to a secure future for the victims of Tsunami needed to be put into place.

The  project in Tellwatta, which is 10 miles from the tourist town of Hikaduwa famous for its diving holidays, is going to provide a School, Medical Clinic, Therapy, Creche, Playground and Garden Area, Vocational Training.

I’m not to sure quite what i’m going to find when I get there but i’ve been assured there are several local sports teams very excited about the prospect of some hands on physiotherapy, which likely means cricket teams in this cricket mad part of the world. Also a part time physio who is looking forward to some teacher training ( maybe in pilates!!), as well as plenty of patients a large number of whom are children effected by the Tsunami.

I’ll let you know how I got on when I get back at the end of February. There is supposed to be some great surfing nearby so i’ll be able to blog on my most spectacular wipe outs on my return.


Ante-Natal + Post-Natal Exercise classes now here!

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Ante Natal + Post Natal Exercise classes

We’re delighted to now offer the “FitBack & Buumps” Ante Natal and Post Natal exercise classes at Tatami Health.

The Ante and Post Natal programmes are run separately and consist of 4 one hour sessions run over 4 weeks. We only have 6 people maximum in each class. They incorporate exercises, stretches and discussions on different topics such as how to regain your core muscles and flat tummy after pregnancy.  All you need to continue exercising during and after pregnancy. For further information on FitBack and Bumps please click here.



Our Tatami Room on TV

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In February this year we were delighted to host the production crew from Aljazeera English TV. They used our Tatami Room as the setting for a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Just this week the finished commercial has gone to air and we are very pleased with how the Tatami looks on film!

The ceremony was carried out precisely by the ladies who perform the tea ceremony demonstrations at the British Museum. It was wonderful that they had nothing but praise for our tatami room, and there being no other space like it in London we were more than happy to offer up our space for more tea ceremony demonstrations in the future.

Islington Doctors ‘lunch and learn’ at Tatami Health

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In recent weeks we’ve begun hosting ‘lunch and learn’ sessions at Tatami Health for Islington GPs and clinical staff, the aim being to provide a venue for the local medical fraternity to bring themselves up to speed with the current trends and treatments in various fields of medicine.

It’s vital that GPs are aware of what not to miss and when to send their patients on for specialist assessment and treatment when needed. To ensure this we’ve invited leading NHS consultants and surgeons to speak on their area of expertise.

So far we’ve heard about the link between Sleep Apnoea and Obesity with Dr Himender Makker, Consultant Physician in Respiratory Medicine. We’ve discovered the role of careful diagnosis, and subsequent treatment options, for sufferers of Pelvic Pain with Dr Khaled Ayazi, Consultant in Pain medicine, and most recently we’ve gained an insight (no pun intended!) into all things the Retina, with Dr Riaz Asaria, Consultant Opthamologist.

It’s equally important that as physiotherapists we also have a breadth of knowledge spanning the medical spectrum, as being first contact practitioners, we are sometimes the first people to pick up on potential nasties that require medical attention.

If you’d like to know more about our sessions, or you’d like to recommend them to your GP, feel free to contact us for more details.

A new partnership with the Urdang Academy

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Urdang Academy PhysioWe’re delighted to announce our new partnership with the Urdang Academy commencing at the start of the academic year in September 2011.

The Urdang Academy is one of the UK’s top performing arts schools providing full-time courses in Musical Theatre and Dance, from which many of the students go on to perform in the West End and beyond at the highest level.

Tatami Health will be providing all of the physiotherapy and rehabilitation needs to these students, who place a huge demand on their bodies throughout their course work and performances.

We’ll be providing full screenings of all new students enrolled in the Academy each year, in house cover using the Academy’s own treatment rooms as well as continuing to see many of the dancers in our studio for physiotherapy, rehabilitation and Pilates.

This new partnership not only highlights the importance of physiotherapy in the performing arts world, but also the shift in awareness of the physiotherapy world that the key to performance enhancement and recovery is in exercise based therapy aswell as traditional modalities like massage and manipulation. This is an approach we have for all our clients at Tatami Health, not just the dancers, and it’s how we achieve the results our clients are after.



The Virgin Active London Triathlon

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Virgin Active London Triathlon, CRUK, Physiotherapy, Massage

We’re very pleased to offer all those Triathletes competing for Cancer Research UK or other charities, a discounted sports massage and physiotherapy service.

Sports massage is just what you need now after your longer rides and runs to get the best out of your legs on the race day, or to sort out any pinching or catching you might be getting in the swim.

If you’ve had a little niggle that might have gotten worse, then you’ll need a physio to give you an MOT and see what needs a tweak! There’s still time left to improve your core stability and technique to give you a little edge.


You can grab a 1 hour massage for just £40 or a 1 hour physio session for £65…..normally £50 and £80 respectively.

Book your session now ( or 02072880422) to guarantee your preferred availability and in the meantime swim, ride and run well and keep those sponsorships rolling in! “