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Our experienced physiotherapists will determine which treatments and exerecises will best assist your body’s own natural ability to heal and repair, or simply perform better.

We can help you to break through barriers of stiffness, weakness and motivation you thought impossible to beat so that you’ll be able to gain, maintain and improve your physical health, movement and vitality to a level that will take you beyond your perceived potential and help you to achieve your goals.

We diagnose and treat a vast array of conditions. If you are unsure about whether we can help with your condition please contact us.

Private Medical Insurance

All of our physiotherapy and rehabilitation services can be refunded by your private medical insurance*, and we are able to help you with this process at the time of your consultation.

For BUPA memebers we are able to invoice BUPA directly.

*Please speak to your insurer to confirm if you have Physiotherapy cover and whether or not you require prior approval or a Dr’s referral before you first consultation.

Physiotherapy Fees

£10 off in your first visit using code: TATAMI10

Appointment Type Price
Initial consultation + treatment 50 min£95
50 min Review consultation + treatment£95
30 min Review consultation + treatment£55
Physio Block (6 x 50min)£480
Physio Regular Maintenance (6 x 30min)

We are able to negotiate our  fees with your company, association or sporting club if you are seeking a preferred provider of physiotherapy.