Sports Injuries

Working on the side line as team physiotherapist

Our physiotherapists have worked at the highest level of elite sport, dance and musical theatre with athletes and performers in the clinic as well as on tour,  pitch-side and backstage.

Sports Injury Treatment

We manage and treat acute and chronic sports injuries of any nature, making sure that a thorough assessment and history of the injury is completed and understood before we commence treating you.

From this point forward we use various techniques and treatments to reduce pain and swelling and we may splint, brace or tape affected areas to minimise further injury and allow for better mobility and recovery.

To help you return to activity as quickly and safely as possible we will very quickly get you started on  an appropriate rehabilitation program.

Sport Injury Rehabilitation

Once an acute phase of an injury has been appropriately managed, or in chronic cases, appropriate corrective techniques have been performed with you, a thorough program of exercises aimed at correcting biomechanical imbalances associated with tight and weak muscles, will be commenced.

This program will take you through various phases that will see you return to a full level of activity pain free and performing better than before.