Pilates Mat Class London

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Come and enjoy stretching and strengthening your body in one of our Pilates classes under the skilled supervision of qualified physios who’ll ensure the safest technique is taught and practised, especially if you have pain or are recovering from injury or surgery.

Pilates Mat Classes in the Tatami Room

We have three grades of class:


For those who are absolute beginners, just want to consolidate their basics or are perhaps nursing an injury.


For those looking for a bit more of a challenge: some tougher exercises; a few more reps; a little more sweat.

We have a maximum of 8 people per class and so bookings are essential.

Pilates Equipment Sessions

If you are after another challenge or are seeking a more personal training experience with us, we offer one-to-one or one-to-two sessions with our Physios using the traditional Pilates studio equipment: The Refomer; The Cadillac; and the Pilates Chair.

We can tailor your sessions to help achieve your own personal goals, whether they be simply to improve your general health and fitness or to improve your sporting performance.

Pilates and Stretch Classes

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Session Type Price
Single 60min Pilates mat class £15
Block of 5 60min Pilates mat classes £65
Block of 10 60min Pilates mat classes £110
One-to-one 60min Studio Pilates Session (using reformer etc) £85
One-to-two 60min Studio Pilates Session (using reformers etc) £30 per person (blocks available)
Single 30min Pilates mat or No Sweat Stretch class £8
Block of 5 30min Pilates mat or No Sweat Stretch class £35
Block of 10 30min Pilates mat or No Sweat Stretch class £60

30 min Class blocks can be used for either Pilates or No Sweat Stretch classes.