Back and Neck Pain (post natal)

Post Natal Back and Neck Pain Treatment Massage PhysioExperiencing back and neck pain is very common after you give birth. The extra weight from your growing bump causes you to change how you hold your body. After pregnancy your body will be trying to get back to its pre baby posture. In addition, you will now be doing activities such as bending, picking up and holding your new born and adjusting to a new sleep pattern. All these put extra strain on your body and joints.

It is very important to allow your body time to recover but equally important to be proactive in strengthening it to allow you to make the most out of this time with your new born. Things that may cause back and neck pain are:

  • Poor posture
  • Muscle laxity from pregnancy
  • Muscle weakness or imbalance from pregnancy
  • Muscle weakness or imbalance from giving birth
  • Lack of sleep

All the above can easily be corrected with physiotherapy through posture advise and an individualised strengthening programme.